The results of the campaign "Let's Be Responsible" (Soyons Responsables) were shared at a workshop held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment and chaired by Minister Leila Chikhaoui Mahdaoui on July 15, 2022. Launched two months ago, the campaign aimed to strengthen the popularization of the decree.

Through this campaign, MedWaves continues to support Tunisia in its fight against pollution caused by single-use plastic bags. It was deemed necessary to implement a campaign of both outreach and awareness to inform traders and consumers about the type of bags banned. Indeed, even if the implementation date is January 1, 2021, several barriers hinder its success, including the lack of knowledge of the decree by the population.

Five associations active in the protection of the environment have been selected and have committed to distribute them to merchants and consumers, namely: AJEM, ASCOB-SYRTIS, Association Horizons Arts and Culture, IFM Foundation and The New Generation for Development and Environment.

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