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Mediterranean Network of Networks of Business Support Organisations for Sustainable Business Development

The Switchers Support Programme wants to harness the potential of collaboration among BSOs and the adoption of eco-innovation approaches building upon the National Partnerships promoted at country level in the Southern Mediterranean countries. The National Partnerships can offer a starting point to develop a Mediterranean Network of Networks of BSOs for Sustainable Business Development.

Similar to the National Partnerships, the Mediterranean Network of Networks will be a non-institutionalised voluntary association of public, private and non-profit BSOs that cooperate on providing sustainable and circular business development services.

The desired Outcome of the Mediterranean Network of Networks is to create a space for regional collaboration among BSOs to improve and enhance Sustainable Business Development services.

21-12-2021 Webinar: Open Eco-innovation for circular economy enablers

The Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) is showcasing the Open Eco-Innovation Manual for Circular Economy Enablers that provides a detailed approach of the process enablers need to develop in order to facilitate connections between companies and entrepreneurs.
In this webinar, the manual was be presented so enablers can understand the importance of their role in making an open eco-innovation initiative a success.

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend the webinar, here is the video of the meeting.

14-02-2022 Webinar: Supporting sustainable badge for the BSO's

In order to promote sustainability mainstreaming, the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) is developing a Sustainability Badge to help Business Support Organizations (BSOs) to review their practices in delivering support to entrepreneurs and ventures. The workshop will introduce the concept and the goals of the Supporting Sustainability Badge and collect feedbacks from participants to guide the development and testing of the Badge.

Click here to download the presentation

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend the webinar, here is the session recording:

18-07-2022 : Exchange of experiences between BSO’s

Medwaves have hold the first online meeting to exchange experiences between the Support National Partnerships (SNP) of green BSO who contribute to enable an ecosystem of Green Business support services. The interactive event allowed to share best practices and analyse the main drivers and challenges concerning the creation of green business ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. Main conclusions will be discussed during the upcoming SwitchMed Connect event 2022.

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend the event, here is the video of the meeting and the SNP presentations

Click here to download the presentation

The Switchers Support Programme implementing partners at The SwitchMed Connect 2022 - Rimini, November 10th 2022

Last November 10th 2022, the first in-person discussion meeting with all SwitchMED program implementing partners was performed.

In the framework of the SwitchMED Connect event at Ecomondo international Fair at Rimini (Italy), Medwaves succeed to gather representatives from the 8 implementing countries of SwitchMED program. This event aimed to assemble all the local implementing partners, mentors and green entrepreneurship experts along with Medwaves managing staff in order to share experiences and lessons learnt from the program implementation process. Moreover, it was intended to address questions to all stakeholders or formulate proposals related to the improvement and sustainability of the program.

All the implementing partners introduced their own support national partnership represented by a large variety of stakeholders. They exposed their national green entrepreneurship ecosystems that might enable the creation and development of green and circular business models.

The open discussion came up with the flaws and strengthens of these newly created ecosystems along with other issues such as their sustainability, composition, management, governance or effectiveness. Local mentors also contributed with proposals for improvement of the methodology and tools, management of trainee’s expectation or enhance trainer’s skills.

The gathering raised awareness of all the common ground existing among the 8 implementing parties and the increasing need to create synergies and spaces of knowledge and experience’s exchange, not only between Business Support Organizations but also among mentors, trainers and other involved green entrepreneurship experts.

All partners made possible to have this fruitful experience that encourage all of us to be involved in the creation of an enabling regional ecosystem for the acceleration of a green and circular entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region. Such ecosystem is intended to thrive within the recently created ACT network framework.