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Best Practice France EPR
Best Practice Factsheet on Extended Producer Responsibility

How France successfully implemented EPR schemes. 

Best Practice South Africa
Best Practice Factsheet on Industrial Symbiosis Program

How South Africa successfully implemented the Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Program.

BP Brazil Cover
Best Practice Factsheet on Waste Pickers

How Brazil successfully incorporated informal waste pickers in the National Policy of Solid Waste.

BP Canada plastic
Best Practice Factsheet on Plastic Innovation

How Canada implemented an innovative program to tackle plastic pollution.

BP Costa Rica Tourism Cover
Best Practice Factsheet on Certification for Sustainable Tourism

How Costa Rica successfully implemented the Certification for Sustainable Tourism.

BP Reuse Centres
Best Practice Factsheet on Municipal Reuse Centres

How Sweden and The Netherlands successfully developed "reuse centres" based on circular economy principles.

BP Circular Procurement
Best Practice Factsheet on Green Deal Circular Procurement

How The Netherlands successfully implemented the public-private partnership "Green Deal" to boost Circular Procurement.

BP Portugal
Best Practice Factsheet on Public Funding for Circular Economy Projects

How Portugal successfully implemented a public funding program for environmental projects.

BP Scotland construction
Best Practice Factsheet on Circular Construction

How Scotland successfully implemented a circular construction program.

BP Brussels circular
Best practice factsheet on the Brussels Regional Program for Circular Economy

How the Brussels region successfully implemented a program to accelerate the city's circular transition.


External resources for policymakers

CE goals EMF cover

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation published this paper in 2021 to help governments enable the circular economy transition to scale.

UNEP Circularity Approach

UNEP key resources on building circularity address a range of stakeholders’ groups: businesses & industry, consumers, finance actors, and cities & local governments. Other publications cover specific sectors, including plastics, textiles and chemicals.


This Hub managed by the One Planet network is a one-stop-shop for governments, businesses, civil society and the public for tracking progress on the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 12: ensuring sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patternsIt contains many reports, e-learning courses and other tools related to SCP topics (Waste management, Sustainable Business, Green Public Procurement, etc.).


This platform aims at African countries. It contains News, Circular Case Studies, Publications, Knowledge share videos and a Circular Economy Expert Database.

Green Economy Tracker

The Green Economy Tracker charts 21 ‘best in class’ policies, across 5 themes, that are already driving systemic change in our national economies.

C40 Hub

C40 is a global network of nearly 100 cities taking urgent action to confront the climate crisis and create a future where everyone can thrive.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has a library with more than 680 results (text, video and audio) on Circular Economy topics such as:plastics, biodiversity, food, finance, cities…It has a section for Policy resources, with Policy examples, tools and methods.